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How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight?

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How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight?

That is just exactly what weight watchers and calorie counter diet planners always ask, "How many calories do I need to lose weight?". If you are planning to go on a diet through the calorie counting method, I have a good news and a bad news for you.

First, the bad news. Weight watching and calorie counting does not work and it will only make you more hungry and feel food deprived, forcing your body to store more fat, which then leads to a slower body metabolism, which then leads to slower weight loss to none at all, and leaves you feeling more depressed because inspite of all your efforts in counting the calories you need everyday by just eating portions, you are still fat, heavy and uncomfortable. Let me catch my breath first. And this makes you more cynical about weight loss diet plans and would then want to give up on dieting totally even when you look at yourself on the mirror. Catch my drift?

I'm sorry but these kinds of weight loss techniques don't work for long. I don't care what the ads on the TV says or anybody who got lucky counting their calories day in and day out. Another reason why these kinds of methods of losing weight don’t last long is because it is “diet”. The word connotes pain, torture and starvation. That is why most weight watchers pull out lots of excuses when they really feel the need to eat and just care less with the food they eat like; “I'm too busy to eat healthily”, "I won’t be able to keep track of my eating”, “It just takes too long to see results and the food is so boring”.

The truth about the calories we need is that when I, for example decrease the calories I need from 3000 a day to 2000, I of course will lose weight, but only for a while. Why? First, I only need less calories for my daily routine since I have already lost weight, and secondly, my body detects that I would be starving it for the days to come so it would automatically decrease the energy I use, so I would only need 2000 calories a day.Then it stores the extra calories into fat because my body is anticipating a future without enough food. Are you still with me? Low calorie diets just don't work for this reason.

Now, for the good news. There is now a new way of approaching calories needed to lose weight and the great thing is we don't have to do the counting. It is called Calorie Shifting. This principle has been known for ages in the medical field but nobody has ever thought of using and perfecting it until now.

The idea with Calorie Shifting is to confuse our body computers to not know what to expect in the coming days so that it just burns the calories we eat everyday, which leads to a faster way to lose weight and more importantly maintaining it. So there are no fears of setbacks like weight gain and starvation or food deprivation because you can eat what you want. I think the key factor with calorie shifting is eating what and when.

So before you think about "how many calories you need to lose weight", first, think about what kind of weight loss plan is effective and what will work for you. Be natural, be healthy and be happy :)

by Jo Macayan

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