Monday, July 17, 2006

Hoodia for Weight Loss – Does it Work?

The High Cost Of Losing Weight

Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to eat healthy in anattempt to lose weight? Is there a cost-effective way to dropthose excess pounds?

With gas costs at an all time high, and prices on every type ofmerchandise rising, it’s not surprising to find that many peoplelive paycheck to paycheck. Between house mortgages, bills thatrange from medical to grocery, and normal cost of livingexpenses, sometimes the last thing you can really spend moneyon is a whole new freezer and pantry full of food. It seemsthere is no weight loss solution in sight.

Anyone who has ever shopped for diet food knows exactly whatI’m talking about. Where the normal version of the same food isreasonably priced, the diet version often costs twice as muchfor a smaller package. The same is true when dining out. Whileyou can buy a burger and fries for a few bucks, it costs agreat deal more to find a healthy substitute. Why isn’t there acheap weight loss solution?

Perhaps, you’ve found cheap weight loss solutions that don’treally work. With so many so-called cheap weight loss solutionson your market, a consumer can take their pick from weight losspill, shakes, or exercise programs. What happens if you’veexhausted every solution and found that they’re not working foryou?

When it comes to weight loss shakes and meal bars, you knowit’s not the weight loss solution for you. First off, you can’tstomach the taste of them. Second, you marvel at the fact thatthese products claim to curb your appetite. Hah! You drink theshake only to feel your stomach growling an hour later.

As for diet pills, you know deep in your heart that they arenot the safest weight loss solution. Sure, you may have droppeda few pounds, but you feel anxious, jittery, and even depressed.Some days you have hot flashes, and the pills don’t stop youfrom swinging by McDonalds for an occasional value meal,ruining your progress.

Exercise videos may not be the weight loss solution for youeither. You lead a busy life juggling a full-time job,parenthood, and school activities for your kids. It’s oftenreally late by the time your day draws to a close. The lastthing you want to do is drag on a pair of sweats and exercise.

If you’ve tried every affordable weight loss solution and stillhaven’t found your desired results, maybe it’s time to tryHoodia Gordonii. No, it’s not another weight loss pill. It’s anall natural, cactus-style plant that is revolutionizing theweight loss industry. This isn’t another weight loss solutionscam. In fact, this plant was discovered completely byaccident.

In the late 1990’s, the CSIR (the Council for Scientific andIndustrial Research) in Africa was doing a study on all thedifferent natural foods that the Bushmen ate. Their main reasonin doing this was to make sure all the foods were non-toxic.When they found Hoodia Gordonii, they began animal testing onthe product to see if it was toxic.

Not only was Hoodia Gordonii non-toxic. They also found thatthe animals who consumed the cactus began losing weight. By1997, one year later, the CSIR realized that the ingredient,P57 was responsible for the weight loss properties in HoodiaGordonii.

Now, you finally have access to the weight loss solution thatworks… a product that allows you to eat the foods you normallywant in drastically smaller quantities and not nearly as often.Since Hoodia can slice your appetite by approximately 2,000calories a day, you’ll lose interest in food, drop weight, andfinally get that figure you’ve been dreaming of. Since youdon’t have to restock on totally new food choices, this doesn’thave to put a dent in your budget.About The Author: Martin Stanwyck is a recognized expert onweight loss. He has written several articles on the subject.Visit to learn more about his maintopic Hoodia Gordonii.

Although Hoodia may cause some weight loss it just addresses the symptoms not the disease – so to speak. The only way to achieve permanent weight loss is really doing 3 things. Eat less, reduce refined carbohydrates, saturated and trans fats, and participate in daily physical activity.

The one diet plan I found that addresses these issues fairly well is Dr. Kushner’s personality-type diet at
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