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If you want to join a gym or if you’re thinking of purchasing exercise machines to train at home – the thing is, which machine do you choose? It really depends on 2 things: preference and physical ability.

If you have back or knee problems you may want to go with the elliptical trainer because it’s easier on the joints. If you want to get the most out of a workout you may want to use several machines to get that extra pump.

This article may help you understand the functions and benefits of the basic exercise machines available in most health clubs.

Fitness Machine Review

Fitness machines are specially design and constructedapparatuses for use in circulatory, respiratory, and muscularenhancement. These fitness machines range in function andstyle, depending on make and the desire of the user. Somefitness machines serve as “many-exercises-in-one,” whereasothers are designed for a specific type of exercise.
When it comes down to it, fitness machines are left to theparticular needs of the individual. A rowing machine isinappropriate for a runner! Fitness machines are veryspecialized.

Individual Fitness Machines:

Treadmill: This is a virtual stepping machine. By steppingforward on a horizontally moving belt, leg muscles,circulation, and respiration all come into play. This fitnessmachine can be adjusted for speed, so if a leisurely walk or abrisk race is a preference, than the treadmill will facilitate.Some fitness machines will even measure weight loss, caloriesburned, miles run, and time progressed. This is ideal for thelap-runner and tennis player!

** Think: Walking on a small carpet being slowly pulled outfrom behind.
Stair Climber: A stair climber is a stationary apparatus withinserts for feet that move up and down from the down thrustexerted on them by the feet. Muscles and circulation get theprimary workout here. Like the treadmill, this fitness machineincludes indicators for calories burnt, miles “run,” and timeperformed. The feet should always be parallel with the floor.This fitness machine is ideal for firemen and the police!
** Think: Running in a pool with water up to the chest.

Rowing Machines: Just as was on the Titanic! This fitnessmachine simulates the rowing of a boat. By sitting between twofastened oars, one eases forward and thrusts back, easesforward and thrusts back... The upper body, especially thearms, along with circulation and respiration, gets attentionhere. This fitness machine is the appropriate exercise for onewho is considering taking up kayaking!

** Think: Pulling oneself through a doorway with heavy windrelentlessly slamming into you from the other side.

Home Gym: Home gyms are not all the same, so the individual’sneeds and preference are essential here. Another mainconsideration for this set of fitness machines is the spaceallotment necessary at the user’s home. Measuring the spacebeforehand is an advisable step when thinking about purchasingan entire home gym. This set of fitness machines is the rightmove for the person wanting the total workout, as long as theright combination of fitness machines is considered.

** Think: Trying to stand on a sea of marbles while holding onto a handrail. That’s what a workout with a treadmill, a rowingmachine, and stair climber feels like at first. It’ll get youmoving!

Fitness Machines are fun as well as healthy. As with anything,knowing what is needed is a must for anyone buying as well asusing fitness machines, whether at the gym or at home.

If one can take the pain, it’s worth the gain!

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