Friday, August 11, 2006

Holiday Eating – How to Deal With It

During the festive setting of holiday time, it is very difficult to resist, let alone, avoid food. Holiday food is not only available and pushed on us at holiday gatherings, fast food outlets also bombard us with holiday specials, it seems. Every time you turn around you are faced with a decision, to eat or not to eat.

Here’s an article that offers some tips on holiday eatiung:

Keeping The Bulge Off On Holidays

Food is a basic need- we know that. In the recent times, foodis one of the immortals in the market and it does not cease tohave customers. With the loads of fast food restaurants intown, people are now into unhealthy dieting with all the calories that make them gain more weight and get unhealthy.

As a response, the rose of fitness and dieting came, breaking new ground and setting options to the portion of the population who are on their way for healthier lives. As beauty magazines scan its pages to show the best bodies around the planet, thebigger number of people is influenced to trim down on fats and add on working out. Every form of diet has its promise- some make, some break. For those broken diets, a lot were left frustrated, for those who succeeded a life of confidence is theirs. Consistency is a word that best sticks with dieting.Doing an inconsistent diet would just entail more negative effects instead of the positive ones.

How could you be consistent on holidays? Holidays when food are all over and people are all enjoying on eating a lot?!? It takes a whole lot of defiance and a great dose of discipline. How could you stand against a table of temptation or two? There are things you must inject in you that would remind you that you have to keep the diet despite the tests.

On holidays, like before going to a party, eat a nutritious-well-balanced meal. This would keep you up away from junk food around. A balanced meal should include healthful food. Keeping a fit body does not mean skipping any meal- it is just a matter of balance.

Have in your mind the fact that you are on the process of eating wisely and not on a total dieting. This will just give you negative thoughts of depriving your very self.

During the party, do something that would divert your attention from thinking about the food, the liquor- that would fold your tummy into layers. Discipline is a great tool in achieving both short-term and long-term targets. It is true with dieting.

Always go for the lesser evil. This means that you have to choose among the following: a rich main course, a creamy dessert or an alcoholic drink. You have to choose one and losetwo. Indulging in all three is a no. no…

Instead of alcohol, you could always sip on a glass of vegetable juice or fruit juice. You may not enjoy that much without the feeling of being tipsy- but the happiness of keeping yourself despite the temptation on your diet will stay longer.

About The Author: Julia Martinez is a freelance writer for the Diet Times. She writes a regular column which is published every Thursday. Her latest 'favorite pick' is
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