Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Here are Ten Tips for Quick Weight Loss

10 Tips for Losing 7lbs

1.Cut out the carbs at night, you in all probability won't be burning them off unless you head over to the gym after dinner. Make sure you have some carbs at lunch.

2. Abstain from alcohol. After a drink or two your will power is lessened and that chocolate doesn't seem like a bad idea. Not to mention all the excess calories in the alcohol. It's hard I know but unless you do you won't be getting into that slinky outfit that you bought to wear for the party.

3. Try and keep on the move, even if you are sitting at a desk all day, get up and walk over to the water cooler more frequently, or just amble around the office as much as possible. You can even do some buttock tightening exercises whilst sitting down.

4. Cut down on fat. Be cautious with the olive oil it has as many calories as butter (even though its better for you). Try using an oil spray instead.

5. Go to bed early. If you catch yourself snacking in front of the television every evening then get yourself a good book and go to bed.

6. Hide the cookies..... .better still don't purchase them anyway. If they are on view you will no doubt not be able to resist. Take care with the nuts and dried fruit too as these calories can mount up.

7. A quick 1 day detox, boil up some vegetables in a light stock, simmer for at least an hour. Remove the liquid and sip all day. You can also consume the cooked vegetables when hungry, this is a good detox.

8. 7 day detox, this really will help to drop some pounds, just sip lemon water first thing in the morning then fruit and vegetables (salads) all day for the first2 days. After that you can introduce beans and lentils and grilled fish, try and leave out the dairy and you should see a definite improvement. Not only will you shed some pounds but your skin will be looking much healthier and you will feel a lot fitter.

9. NO Butts! Exercise, its a must to help move the excess. If you hate the gym then just walk round the neighborhood. If you don't like the neighborhood then walk up and down your stairs several times. If you don't have stairs then try and invest in a piece of home gym equipment. You can discover bargains on Ebay, especially if you look for misspelled words.

10. Stand up straight and Suck it in! Good posture is a big help to giving the illusion of having lost weight, stand up straight with your shoulders back and your chin parallel with the floor. Push your hips forward and bottom under, this sucks the abdomen in.

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