Monday, October 30, 2006

Break Your Weight Loss Plateau - Quick Tips

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Break Your Weight Loss Plateau - Quick Tips

Shock your body by changing your regular exercise and eating routines. Just as bodybuilders shock their muscles into growth by constantly changing their workouts you can overcome your weight plateau by shocking your body, causing it to increase its fat burning levels.

By that I am not implying that in order to lose weight you must mimic a bodybuilder’s training style. What I mean is, small medium and/or large changes in your diet method and training routine can actually help you get over that last hump - to lose those last few stubborn pounds.


Although many people have made improvements in their diet they mistakenly think their present diet habits are perfect. They have worked so far so why change them? The point is, however, they don't work very well once you’ve reached a weight loss plateau.

One thing you can do is cut down on starchy carbs and increase those of the non starch variety. Replace potatoes with yams, white rice with wild rice and bread with whole grain bread but at moderate amounts. High fiber (low starch) carbs are very filling and still provide much needed blood glucose that is used for energy during training.

The other thing is that they also keep blood glucose levels stable reducing hunger pangs and increasing the rate of fat metabolism.

Switch up your protein meals (e.g. from beef to lean veal – from chicken to fish). Go an entire week by substituting beef and chicken meals with fish. Have weeks entirely without beef, others without chicken. Try a week eating only vegetarian meals, substituting animal with vegetable protein.

Change your fats around (butter, non-hydrogenated oils, cold-pressed oils, etc.)


Mix high intensity-type exercise into your aerobic training routine.

Either at the end of your workout or in between, try sprinting all out, for 10-15 seconds followed by 10-15 seconds of rest and repeat 5-10 times.

Believe me, do this on a regular basis and literally watch those pounds melt away.

Vary your workout times. If you’re used to training after school or work, switch it to first thing in the morning before breakfast - and vice versa.

Hopefully these tips will help you overcome your diet and weight loss plateaus and trim down to the level you’ve been targeting.




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