Thursday, November 02, 2006

Can You be Fat and Healthy? Study Says Yes.

Several studies involving people from the Mediterranean region and France have shown that people in these areas had significantly less occurrences of heart disease and some cancers, even though their diets were high in fat.

The French studies suggested good health was associated with diet variety and diversity. In other words, the French ate more foods from all food groups as compared to Americans. This resulted in a lower omega 6 (n6): omega 3 (n3) ratio.

Scientists believe that a low n6 to n3 ratio is a crucial factor in fighting against chronic disease. In other words, the more omega 3 fatty acids you consume the higher probability you have of being healthier, for longer periods.

The Mediterranean group also consumed foods rich in omega 3s such as walnut, figs, wild greens and ate 10 times more fish than their American counterparts.

The other thing was that these cultures accompanied their meals with red wine. Well a recent study confirms again that an ingredient (resveratrol) in red wine has the ability to offset certain risk factors associated with obesity. This may be good news for overweight people.

All these diet components combined with exercise participation may be a good prescription for good health and longevity for us living here in North America.

Eat well, live healthy.

Please give me some input on this topic. Let me know what your thoughts and experiences are. I look forward to seeing them.

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