Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Why Can’t I Keep the Weight Off?

The biggest problem in weight loss is not losing weight. If you have ever dieted, chances are you have lost a certain amount of weight. Some people lose more than others which of course depends on different variables.

The problem is keeping the pounds from coming back. Long term weight loss maintenance is the most difficult thing to achieve and what most people struggle with.

Why is that? One explanation may be that people are creatures of habit and find it very difficult to adjust to changes.

Dozens of studies have shown that the results of dieting for long term weight loss have not been successful with obese people.

If we look at the calorie component of the different food macronutrients we will find that fat contains the most calories by far. It would seem logical then, that the reduction of dietary fat would take care of a large chunk of calories.

So a low fat diet is probably the best solution for weight loss, right? Wrong. A recent study has shown that a low fat diet hasn’t shown to be any more effective than a low calorie diet.

Check out this video to see how Janet Jackson lost 60 pounds in just a few months.

Janet Jackson Weight Loss Video

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