Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tired? Not enough Energy? You Need Exercise Study Says

Fatigue is brought on by several different factors including insomnia, poor nutrition and inactivity.

Most people that have low energy levels probably exercise very little or not at all. Besides the fact that regular exercise increases metabolism and energy expenditure resulting in weight loss, it may also improve vitality and energy levels.

I can tell you personally, whenever I stop exercising for a period of time, I feel more tired and find it more difficult getting up in the morning. In addition, I don’t feel as psychologically or emotionally charged.

When I train in the morning, for example, I feel more energetic, more positive, and better prepared to take on the tasks that lie ahead. My day just flies by without noticing it.

If you’re tired all the time or don’t get enough sleep, try exercising for even half a hour a day and you’ll notice a difference. You might think, “What’s the point of exercising, when I don’t have the energy to do so in the first place?”

It does sound contradicting but believe me it will benefit you. Many people use that argument as an excuse for inaction and continue through life complaining they’re always tired and can’t sleep.

Here are some proven benefits of regular exercise:

- Can significantly reduce risks of heart disease in obese adolescents.

- Just 20 minutes of daily exercise may significantly increase energy level.

- Improves psychological state of patients suffering from clinical depression or depression caused by mental illness.

- Cancer survivors reported exercise helps to reduce cancer related fatigue.

- Studies have shown inactive people lose weight quicker by exercise than active people.

Hopefully this is enough to convince you to finally get of the couch and start getting more active (myself included).


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