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Hoodia and Weight Loss

Following is an article on Hoodia Gordonii. But before you read it here are some quick facts about Hoodia.

First of all Hoodia is a non-stimulating herb which makes it suitable to a wider range of people. In other words, it doesn’t contain stimulants like various other herbs that may cause sleeplessness, nervousness, elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

Hoodia comes from the Kalahari desert and has been used by African bushmen for thousands of years to quench their thirst and curb hunger pangs while they went on long hunting expeditions.

A compound in hoodia called P57 actually sends a signal to the brain, tricking the body, so to speak, into believing that it’s no longer hungry, which results in loss of appetite.

The minimum dosage that has a usable effect is 800mg to 1,200mg of hoodia. Make sure you are not misled by some companies that claim other products have been added to hoodia which make it more effective. Those claims are false and are motivated by pure profit. So make certain that you are getting pure hoodia not some other derivative.

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Why Hoodia Gordonii Is The Most Effective

Despite Hoodia Gordonii was introduced to USA market only acouple of years ago as a weight loss herb, now it is successfully gaining more and more popularity because of itsgreat weight loss results.

Why is that? What makes Hoodia Gordonii so successful?

Hoodia appetite suppressant contains completely natural extract from the African Hoodia Gordonii Cactus, which actually is a succulent plant originating from the Kalahari Desert.

A 100% pure genuine Hoodia Gordonii cactus extract can make you forget to eat and can help you lose a few pounds immediately orin a couple of weeks. If you take it an hour before your meal, it keeps you full and you feel no hunger while eating, so youeat less and lose weight.

That’s the secret for success of Hoodia, but what the real secret of Hoodia?

How exactly the Hoodia Gordonii works?

The mechanism of work of this amazing appetite suppressant is quite remarkable.

When you have not eaten for a while, your blood glucose levels drop, so the brain sends out a signal that you are hungry.After you eat, the blood glucose levels are stabilized, so the brain sends out a signal that you are no longer hungry.

What makes Hoodia Gordonii unique is its ability to make your brain send signal that you have eaten, even though you havenot. Amazing, isn’t it? That the real secret of Hoodia – itworks within the satiety center in your brain and controls your appetite and food cravings.

How to find a 100% pure genuine Hoodia Gordonii?

I know that almost every company claims to carry the best, the most pure and genuine Hoodia Gordonii extract form the original African Hoodia Cactus. Honestly, I find this really hard to believe. But luckily there is a way to find out if a certain Hoodia product is really natural or just a fake herbal product.

To be sure you are purchasing only 100% natural and absolutely safe Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppressant, the company must have two certificates to guarantee that:

First is the C&A (Certificate of Analysis) - the substance hasbeen analyzed and is confirmed to be pure Hoodia Gordonii.Second is the C.I.T.E.S certificate that should be valid the day you purchase the product (check the second line of the document).

Both certificates proof the product is 100% authentic and it contains pure Hoodia Gordonii extract from the African Cactus.

I am pretty sure you barely know that these certificates exist.You as a customer wouldn’t pay much attention to them, though. I perfectly understand you, because they could be easily fabricated.

Anyway, the facts are that 80% of the Hoodia products on themarket are fakes and won’t help you. The good news is that there are still 20% out there that really work and can help youlose weight immediately or gradually in a couple of weeks.

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