Monday, June 12, 2006

Seven Major Points To Consider Before Dieting


If you’re thinking of going on a diet, here are some points that will better prepare you for it – mentally and physically.

Seven Major Points to Consider Before Dieting

Consider joining groups which has a common goal with you:losing weight. Through others, you can solicit advice. No onecould tell what the best way for you is but having real peoplewho have real experience about such situation is a plus point.As you know new information and second opinions about yourdieting plans, you also gain more friends. Remember, two headsare better than one.

Also consider healthy lifestyle both physical and mental.Regular exercise such as walking, dancing or even doinghousehold chores are the simplest yet most forgotten form ofburning calories. No gym fees, no hassles. A plan on what toeat is another good step. A diet that is low in fat and high nfiber is the most recommended by experts. A step to considermental health care another good point. Free your self fromstress and depression. These factors causes you to feel down,slows down your metabolism, lets you crave for food endlesslyand gain weight.

Ask yourself if your diet program is tested and proven safescientifically. There are a lot of DDs or Diet in Disguise.They give you sweet promises but they leave you unhealthy. Evento the point of putting in a pitfall of health hazards. A dietprogram may be effective for your friend but it does not assurethat it is perfect for you. Consider questions like: Was a studythoroughly conducted proves this plan to be safe and effective?

Do not get carried away by appealing testimonials. You are acustomer; every dieting-concerned salesman will convince you totry his product or service. There is a difficulty in determiningthe truth from a claim. Be wise enough not to consideradvertisements as the key to your decision.

Know what the possible health risks. It pays to be cautiousespecially in situations when your health and wellness is atstake. Dieting is not all about having the waistline one wants,nutrition must be a priority. Slimming down just to feelattractive is a dumb move if you just find your self sufferingfrom gallstone and other health disorders.

Think of what is really the social stigma when you are thin.One wants to be thin just because he or she wants to be “in”.In the society in general, one feels dumped if he or she s fat.If your purpose of dieting is as half-baked as this, betterthink again. Go on a diet not because you want to be slim butbecause you want to be healthy.

Know your purpose and be disciplined. If you are the type of aseasonal or moody diet doer, better stop. The yo-yo effect willjust make you feel upset. Before starting a diet, you must befirm with your purpose, and that has to be healthy. Consideralso your attitude towards dieting or else you will justrestart if you feel like doing it.

Being sexy is not only having those well-carved bust line,24-inch waistline, slender-molded legs. It is all about stayinghealthy inside. Outside? It will just naturally exude.

About The Author: Alice Riley is an independant writer whowrites for several major publications. His latest project canbe seen at the Diet Blog
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