Thursday, June 15, 2006

Weight Loss Secrets You Already Know


Gettin' ready for summer? Dreading the thought of putting on a swimsuit? Don't worry there's still a little time left to drop a few pounds so you could fit into last years swimsuit. Check this article out.

Weight Loss Secrets You Already Know

Weight Loss dreams in the spring are as predictable as Aprilshowers. Those who have put on a few extra holiday and winterpounds realize the annual bikini season is almost upon us andhave a fear of having to bear it all at the beach. Without theability of having to drown their sorrows in food (which prettymuch put them in this banana boat anyway) weight loss hopefulslook for ways to make the weight magically disappear.

Weight loss season is the start of a whole new holiday seasonfor retailers. Books about the newest weight loss fads fly offthe shelves. Diet pills and diet pill supplements sell out atthe pharmacy. Health and fitness magazines like Shape andPrevention start to outsell the ever popular celebrityweeklies.

The most astonishing part of this whole phenomenon is thatweight loss hopefuls seek answers to a question that theyalready know the answer to. Like the exasperated parent, whomust repeat things just one more time, I will give you the notso secret secrets to weight loss. It will not cost you a pennyat the pharmacy or the bookstore, it is absolutely free.

Weight Loss Secret #1

Lay off the ice cream, cookie dough, deep fried Twinkies, wellyou get the point. It is not just the sweets but they are a bigculprit. In general you need to burn more calories than you aretaking in. Cookies and the like are really high in calories.Try choosing foods with fewer calories, the fewer calories youtake in the less you have to burn. Foods like lean meats and vegetables are low in fat andcalories. So have the broccoli (without the melted cheese ofcourse), Make a nice big salad your best friend. Salad willnever steer you wrong unlike fair-weather friends fat andgrease.

Weight Loss Secret #2

Move away from the keyboard. I repeat, move away from thekeyboard. You will never, ever be able to burn the desiredamount of calories by surfing the net and instant messaging.

There are quite a few ways to get moving. Clean the house mowthe lawn, its spring so start spring cleaning. A better idea isto take the kids to the park and enjoy the weather. Get into it,jump rope, play baseball maybe a little catch. Don’t be botheredby the heavy breathing and wheezing. This will subside afteryou’ve done it a few times.

You don’t have kids? Take the dog to the park and play Frisbee.Don’t have a dog? Borrow a friend’s for the day. If that doesn’twork out go to the park and play with the pigeons. They love torun and exercise and there are always plenty of them around inthe park to play with.

Another solution is to do what millions of other people do. Goto the one place that is bearable for only 2-3 months of theyear – the gym. There, while working out you can and will meetthose just as reluctant to be there as you and together you cancommiserate on the cruel twist of genetic fate that has broughtyou to such a pass. The exercise will do you good. You’ll makenew friends and start to feel better. An added bonus is thatwalking up long flights of stairs will no longer be such a chore.

So there you have it the not so secret secrets to weight loss.Read the article, follow my tips, they will work of course.Tuck this article away until you need some inspiration again.See you next spring.

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