Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Healthful Snacking

A calorie is simply a calorie regardless of whether it comesfrom carbohydrates, protein, or fat. If you consume morecalories than you use, you will put on weight. It iss assimple as that. In order to avoid weight gain, the number ofcalories in must equal the number of calories out. If you takethe time to plan and sort out what you are going to eat, youwill find it easier to ensure that you choose a wide variety offoods from all food groups and thus follow a healthier eatingplan.

These days most of us lead hectic, busy, frenetic lives. We arejuggling a variety of roles and trying to somehow fit everythinginto a seemingly-insufficient 24 hour day. It's not surprisingthat healthy eating loses priority when we are rushing to getto work, to get the kids to school, going to meetings, gettinghome chores done. At times like this people are more likely tomiss meals altogether and substitute them with junk food. Bysnacking on healthy foods, you can to some extent, compensatefor the damage you are doing to your body when you don't eatproperly. Similarly, eating small meals throughout the day canhelp provide necessary nourishment.

Eating food in its raw state, meaning as unprocessed aspossible, ensures that you are getting the food's full vitaminand mineral content, as none will be destroyed during thecooking process. Cooking modifies the food molecules therebydestroying their nutrients and enzymes. When you eat raw food,you may need to chew more to break the food down. By doing thisyour body sends signals to the digestive tract to produce anadequate amount of digestive enzymes.

Another healthy eating tip is, where possible, try to grill orbake your food instead of frying it. If you do need to fry orsauté, use half the recommended amount of fat. Keep in mindthat brown bread and rice is nutritionally better than theirwhite counterparts. Whole grain bread is an excellentconvenience food. If you get your kids used to brown bread intheir earlier years, avoiding white bread altogether, you’ll beglad you did.

When it comes to hot and cold beverages, there are innumerablechoices when it comes to the wonderful world of herbal teas.They may not be to everyone’s taste but if you try, you aremore than likely to find one that suits you. They are alsoexceedingly beneficial for you. If you are a coffee lover, youmight try a coffee substitute such as dandelion coffee.

In addition to cutting down on coffee and tea, you shouldreduce your salt and sugar intake as well. At present there aremany types of vegetable stock cubes and vegetable bouillionpowders available in health food shops for added flavor. Also,using both fresh and dried herbs can help increase the flavourof a dish without needing to add much salt.

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