Monday, January 22, 2007

Healthy Weight Loss Plan - Lose Weight The Right Way

With so many diets and alternative food choices available onthe market today, it can be difficult to figure out where tostart when you want to lose a few pounds. Long-term weight lossis most effectively achieved when healthy lifestyle changes aremade and maintained.

A healthy weight loss plan is as follows:

* Exercise more. Increase your level of physical activity andtry to make it fun. Walks in the park, long bicycle rides,swimming in the pool - choose the type of exercise you like themost so that you look forward to doing it three or four times aweek. Exercise burns calories and helps to maintain bodyfunctions.

* Reduce your calorie intake. The simple mathematical step ofcounting your calories is a key element to losing weight.Eating between 300 and 500 calories less each day can help youto lose one to two pounds per week.

* Choose your cooking methods carefully. Fried foods containmore fat and calories than foods that are baked, grilled,boiled or broiled.

* Drink more water. Our bodies are made of mostly water, whichis an essential element to our overall well-being. Ideally, weshould drink eight glasses of water a day - a bonus is that isalso curbs your appetite.

* Keep track of your weight weekly. Daily weigh-ins can bediscouraging, so monitor your progress by weighing yourselfbefore breakfast once a week and writing it down.

* Add more vegetables to your meals. Vegetables provideadditional bulk to fill you up, as well as add essentialnutrients to your diet.

* Eat fruit for dessert. Try having fruit instead of sugarysnacks for dessert a few times a week to eliminate extracalories and fat. At only eight calories a tablespoon, add adollop of whipped cream for flavor.

* Have patience. It took some time to put on the extra poundsand it will take some time to shed them, too. Sometimes ittakes a couple of weeks or even a month before significantresults show - keep going and you will have success.

Developing a healthy weight loss plan will enable you to feelbetter while you beat the battle of the bulge.

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