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Healthy Weight Loss

The most successful, healthy weight-loss plans will require youto eat healthier and do regular exercise to help you lose weightand maintain your new figure. Supplements, diet pills, eatingplans and exercise equipment on their own won’t help you loseweight and keep it off long-term, unless you are dedicated tochanging your lifestyle for the better.

According to the American Obesity Association, by losing asmall amount of weight - around 5 – 10% of your initial weight- you can reduce the risk of serious health problems like heartdisease, diabetes, high blood pressure arthritis, respiratorydisease and even some forms of cancer. Just imagine losing evenmore weight than this. The benefits and change in your lifewould be dramatic. But, how do you lose weight the healthy wayand benefit from all the health related changes that come withlosing weight the best way?

Weight-loss Programs (diets):

Healthy weight-loss programs combine eating nutritional foodswith regular exercise to help encourage the body to convertstored fat in the body into glucose to act as fuel, so you arenot only losing weight, you have more energy. Often, people getinto the bad habit of yo-yo dieting, which is the act of losingweight, then gaining it right back and then start dietingagain. By learning a healthy, easy-to-stick eating and exerciseplan over a traditional diet, you will not only lose weight thehealthy way, you will notice a raise in self-esteem, improvedhealth and learn to keep weight off long term.

The only way that the body can lose weight is to burn morecalories than your body is taking in. Don’t make the mistake ofthinking that just because you need to eat fewer calories, youhave to eat less food. Healthy eating plans are all abouteducating yourself on which foods can be eaten in large amountsand which foods must only be eaten in small portions. But, mostof all, it is important to remember that when you are losingweight the healthy way, you never need to starve yourself or gohungry. You just need to learn what different foods do to thebody.

Some very popular diets these days are the South Beach Diet,the Mayo Clinic Diet and the Cabbage soup diet.

Weight-loss Supplements:

There are many supplements available for those who are changingto a healthier lifestyle and want to have some extra nutritionor want a little help along the way. Just remember that nomatter how good a supplement is, it will not take the place ofproper nutrition and exercise. Diet pills are made tocomplement your weight loss goals while using a logical eatingplan, as well as regular activity.

Vitamin and mineral supplements have become popular over theyears to help our bodies get the vitamins and minerals that arelacking in the soil our foods are grown in. Many vitamins andminerals are great complimentary practices and will help togive you energy and an overall feeling of well being, as wellas assist in the shedding pounds process.

Some well known diet pills are Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)pills, Phentermine (prescription) and Hoodia Gordonii.

A word of caution, before taking any supplement, make sure thatyou read the label carefully and speak to your doctor first ifyou are currently on any medications or suffer from anyillnesses.

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