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Stabilizing Thyroid Function for Optimal Weight

For many women thyroid function is a legitimate concern. It couldcause both an increase and a decrease in weight depending on thecurrent state of the thyroid function. Thyroid disease may existas either an excessive production of thyroid hormone or adeficient production of thyroid hormone. The increase or decreasein weight will usually be closely associated with the severity ofthe condition. Severe cases of excessive thyroid hormone willresult in a more significant weight loss than mild cases while asevere case of deficient thyroid hormone will result in a moresignificant weight gain than a mild case. This article willexplain hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and will also discussthe prevalence of thyroid disease and how herbal supplements canbe used to treat thyroid disease.

Understanding Hypothyroidism

Women who have difficulty losing weight may be concerned aboutthe function of their thyroid. This is because a condition suchas hypothyroidism can contribute to small weight gains as well asdifficulty in losing weight. Hypothyroidism is a form of thyroiddisease in which the thyroid does not produce a sufficient amountof the thyroid hormone.

If you suspect hypothyroidism may be contributing to yourinability to lose weight, consult your doctor to be tested forthis condition. With a simple blood test your doctor candetermine whether or not there is a lack of the thyroid hormonein your system. A severe deficiency of the hormone can result inapproximately ten pounds of excess weight. This weight willlikely be the result of water retention and should dissipaterather quickly once treatment to correct the hormone levelsbegins. The American Thyroid Association categorizes the weightloss associated with treating hypothyroidism by stating, "Sincemuch of the weight gain in hypothyroidism is accumulation in saltand water, when the hypothyroidism is treated one can expect asmall (usually less than 10% of body weight) weight loss."

Understanding Hyperthyroidism

Most women think of hypothyroidism when they are concerned aboutlosing weight but hyperthyroidism is an equally dangerouscondition. Hyperthyroidism can result in weight loss which stemsfrom the overproduction of the thyroid hormone. This hormoneregulates the metabolism and too much of the hormone can elevatethe metabolism to a level which can result in weight loss.

If you are considering treatment options which create an elevatedlevel of thyroid hormone in the blood it is important to notethis can be quite dangerous and can create more problems than itsolves. Some of the problems which may arise include the loss ofmuscle protein and increased anxiety.

The Prevalence of Thyroid Disease

The statistics surrounding thyroid disease can be quiteastounding. According to the Thyroid Foundation of America it isestimated that roughly 4.1 million men and 8 million women sufferfrom thyroid disease which has not been diagnosed and is notbeing treated. This is unfortunate as both extremes of thyroiddisease can contribute to weight problems. Hyperthyroidism cancause weight loss while hypothyroidism can result in a weightgain. The weight losses and weight gains associated with thyroiddisease are not usually substantial but they can be significantenough to cause a host of medical problems including increases inblood cholesterol, fatigue, depression and even cardiacarrhythmia.

Using Herbal Supplements to Treat Thyroid Disease

Many women turn to the use of herbal supplements to treat thyroiddisease. Thyvox, in particular, is one such supplement which maybe used to increase the level of the thyroid hormone in thesystem. The purpose of increasing this thyroid hormone istypically to allow for the hormone levels to stabilize to anadequate level to allow the body to shed the few excess pounds ofweight the deficiency of the hormone has caused. If you areconsidering taking a substance such as Thyvox you should visitthe following website to learn more about the supplement:

You should also visit your doctor to discuss the use of this orany supplements before you begin to use them. Consulting yourdoctor is very important because they can provide you with agreat deal of information which can help you decide whether ornot the use of the supplement is worthwhile in your case. Theymight be able to suggest another treatment option or they may beable to point out the risks associated with each treatment methodso you can make an informed decision.


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