Saturday, January 13, 2007

Problems When Losing Weight

Losing weight can be a real battle, and until I became a hypnotherapist, I didn’t realise there were so many different reasons why people have challenges losing weight. Some of the reasons I have discovered are far from the obvious eating too much, eating the wrong foods, eating the wrong quantities and lack of exercise. There is also comfort eating, self sabotage, limiting beliefs, poor self esteem and bad self image to consider.

What I have done to make my weight loss programme as effective as possible is to initially provide a free consultation. It seems to me that if you’re going to share your true thoughts and feelings with someone, you need to be completely comfortable with that person first. So the free consultation give people the option to meet me and then say, yes, I can work with you (which mostly they do) or no thanks, you’re just not my cup of tea.

Between that appointment and the next time I see them, I ask them to do a food diary. Far being from me to patronise, generally people know what’s good for them, however, sometimes seeing it in black and white gives them the nudge that reminds them, they’re not really doing themselves any favours in their diet. If it is the case that their diet is poor, I remind them of the health problems that arise as a result of an unhealthy diet.

Then it gets very individual, for example, there are NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques that would be more appropriate for some rather than others. For those that have an internal conflict (I can loose weight, no I can’t) there is a process called a parts integration that I may use. For those with disempowering beliefs, I may use a belief change. For those with a bad habit, I may use hypnosis…the list goes on. And I think it’s pleasant for people to know that the therapy is very much tailored to meet their individual needs.

Now, people do not keep coming to see me until they’ve reached their desired weight, that simply isn’t necessary. They just need to get to the stage where they know exactly what to do to loose the weight and they know like they know their own name that it is absolutely going to happen, that they will keep going until they do. For most people, that’s anything between 2 and 6 sessions, each lasting 1 hour.

So if you’re not happy with your figure, why not book an appointment to come along and see me in my therapy room in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire?

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